A patient-centric solution to reduce bad debt.

At Budco Financial, we understand the value in delivering a positive patient experience. That understanding is more than just a concept to us, it’s a fundamental value of our entire organization, and the means by which we help your patients take care of their outstanding account balances.

Our medical payment plan makes it possible for patients who would not otherwise be able to pay their medical bills, take care of those expenses in a way that preserves their creditworthiness and aligns with their actual ability to make payments.

Patients benefit from multiple financing and billing payment options making it easier for them, and easier for you, because Budco Financial handles every aspect of the transaction. With no credit checks, no prepayment penalties and flexible terms, our plans are designed to fit with every patient’s monthly budget. It’s one of the most flexible medical payment plans available.

Patient benefits include:

  • Quick and easy enrollment
  • No credit check required
  • Extended payment options with no late fees or penalties for early payoff
  • Multiple payment method options
  • Online account management
  • Live customer service support