Aging self-pay receivables on the rise? We can help.

Today's patients are faced with ever-increasing out-of-pocket medical expenses, making it harder and harder for them to pay off their account balances. And with each and every update to the health insurance system, it becomes even more difficult for providers to collect in a timely manner. Our medical payment plan solution helps providers collect on a higher percentage of post-discharge account balances – all while providing better service and care for patients.

Our fast, easy and flexible medical payment plans provide multiple financing terms and billing payment options. It’s an easy system to implement, because we handle the entire transaction, from set up, to account monitoring, and concise monthly reporting. 

Best of all, when the payment plan is established, your facility receives direct payment right away. Application of our medical payment plan can lead to an immediate increase in cash, shortening of your revenue cycle and reduction of your percentage of bad debt.