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Budco Financial Partners with PCMI to Streamline the Automotive F&I Process

Budco Financial Is Now Integrated with PCMI's Open Sales Platform

Budco Financial is pleased to announce the integration of its 0% interest payment plan program into PCMI’s Policy Claim and Reporting Solutions’ (PCRS) dealer contracting module – Open Sales Platform. Budco Financial has worked successfully with several OEMs and is expanding its 0% interest financial offering with this addition to the Open Sales Platform. The integration allows menu companies, service drive solutions, and dealership F&I managers to operate in one portal so they can concentrate on the sale of the vehicle service contract, and eliminate the need for multiple data entry, or switching of screens to enter data into the Budco Financial portal.

“We understand the time challenges dealerships face when using a payment plan provider. By integrating with PCMI, we have created better dealership efficiencies through the elimination of multiple data entry and forms, which reduces errors and generates time savings,” said Mark Pierret, Budco Financial Sales & Marketing Director. “In addition, PCMI now gives us access to almost all of the various menu companies and desktop solutions, which allows us to provide our dealerships with a fast, easy and flexible process without having to integrate individually with each of the menu companies."

“PCMI sees great expansion in eRetailing. eRetailing is a term PCMI uses to include internet delivery of F&I offerings at the time a vehicle is being selected by the consumer. With over 15% of auto shoppers looking to solidify the pricing on their next car purchase, eRetailing must also be able to build the expectation of the F&I products into the potential deal. We are streamlining the process to be more friendly to support the consumer,” stated Mark Nagelvoort, President & CEO of PCMI. “Many of the 30+ software solutions that PCRS is integrated with are asking for PCMI’s support, and in turn, we support the ability of Budco Financial, who enables the capability of financing directly in each of the menu systems. This allows the pricing of products in the PCRS system to be integrated with the menu systems and readily available for Budco Financial financing.”

About Budco Financial 

Budco Financial is a privately held Detroit-based company that offers comprehensive payment plan solutions to the automotive industry across the United States and Canada. The company delivers interest-free payment plan services designed to help OEMs, third party administrators, and dealer groups create new revenue streams through additional vehicle service contract sales opportunities. Budco Financial focuses on integrated solutions that increase revenue, enhance brand loyalty, and help retain customers for its clients.

For more information contact Mark Pierret at or call (313) 209-3323.

About PCMI 

PCMI goal is to be Your Technology partner. PCMI provides the technology to increase sales and provide automation in the administration of extended warranties, service contracts, prepaid maintenance, theft prevention and detection, GAP and manufacturer’s warranty claims. The company leadership brings decades of policy claim and reporting software technology to the market. With offices in the US, Europe and Asia PCMI is positioned to supports the domestic and international markets for auto, consumer, and home extended warranty providers.

For more information contact Mark Nagelvoort at or call (847) 653-6916 ex. 100

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